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A flexible co-purpose workspace for charities that support children and young people, to grow, network and build alongside each other. 

What we offer

At Fivefields we offer you a range of spaces and facilities to help you succeed including: 

Multiple phone booths for private calls

Collaboration areas to break out with the team

Multiple private meeting rooms ranging in sizes and both informal to formal

A 20-seat private Board Room

Mission Rooms for team meetings of up to 32 people

Private Offices for teams of 4 and above

An events space with an Ante Room for up to 94 people and leading Audio Visual facilities

A library space, for getting your head down for those quieter moments

Multiple Tea points

A large terrace

Our Cultural Programme provides stimulation for all our members to engage with, benefit and learn from.

The building has been refurbished with accessibility and inclusivity front of mind.

All members can navigate the building independently and have a sense of safety, security and comfort as they arrive and once they are within the building.  For example, there is a platform lift in the listed façade, an integrated ramp in reception, and there are accessible WCs at every level. Further the colour palette has been developed to consider neurodiversity such that Fivefields is a calm place to work.


Fivefields has been designed to meet Grosvenor's high environmental standards and includes features such as recycled steel, pre-loved furniture and highly recycled aluminium to keep embodied carbon as low as possible.

Panels and discussions with leading Charities and businesses 

Focus on sustainability and social impact

Workshops, mentoring and courses

Games nights, quizzes, live music and comedy

Wellbeing and mindfulness activities including yoga, meditation, and arts and crafts

Exhibitions and film nights

About us

The Westminster Foundation, Grosvenor and x+why have come together to curate and operate a flexible working space like no other.

In the heart of Victoria, Fivefields brings together like-minded charities like you to grow, network and collaborate with each other, through shared interests and challenges. And because we understand your needs, we’ve designed a space that’s tailored around you.                       


An environment where sustainability and accessibility are fundamental with dedicated event spaces for when you need to shout, meeting rooms for when you need to talk, breakout areas when you need somewhere to think and a roof terrace to relax. With grant funding available from the Westminster Foundation, Fivefields is redefining flexible workspace for charities.


The name ‘Fivefields’ is rooted in the history and name of the area itself, which quite literally used to be five fields, but talks to the future growth and progression it is hoped that the organisations which occupy the building will experience.


Fivefields will be managed by B Corp Certified, flexible workspace provider, x+why, who support purpose-driven communities across the UK.

Our location

Five fields, 1814

Belgravia, the site where 8-10 Grosvenor Gardens is located, was once known as Five fields.

8-10 Grosvenor Gardens, a listed building in the heart of Victoria was chosen as an ideal property to locate this new flexible co-purpose workspace.

With excellent transport links and proximity to government, it was carefully selected by Grosvenor and the Westminster Foundation as a suitable new home for charities to be co-located. 

8-10 Grosvenor Gardens,

Victoria, London,


Opening soon...

5 minute walk from Victoria station

Easy access to a range of shops

Nearby restaurants

Nearby coffee shops and cafes

Less than 15 minute walk to Hyde Park

10 minute walk to Green Park

If you would like to discuss membership for you and your team, please contact us:



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